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What criteria should I be looking for when searching for an affordable hair transplant clinic?

Affordable Hair Transplants For The Budget Minded

If money is a contributing factor when choosing a hair transplant clinic you must be sure that it is not the only factor. While an affordable hair transplant is possible you will need to take extra precautions to ensure that they are just as qualified and able to meet your needs as a full priced clinic.

When researching an affordable hair transplant clinic you will need to check the credentials of both the clinic and the staff before going ahead with your surgery. Find out if they are experienced in the area of hair transplants and don't be afraid to ask how long they've been in business or how many transplants they've performed.

Also, ask to speak with former patients of the clinic. The best way to see how skilled an affordable hair transplant clinic is is by speaking with former clients and seeing their results. There are clinics out there that specialize in affordable hair transplants in order to serve those who cannot afford the more expensive clinics but just be sure you're not sacrificing quality and expertise for a lower bill.

What is the average cost of hair replacement surgery?

Managing Your Hair Replacement Costs

If you have decided that you are ready for a hair transplant but you're wallet is still unsure you might take comfort in the fact that hair transplants have come down in price over the years. While at one time it wasn't unheard of to charge upwards of $15.00 per graft you can relax as hair replacement costs has come down drastically. These days the price ranges from $3.00 to $8.00 per graft, with $5.00 to $6.00 being the average. Depending on the number of grafts you require, you may be able to have the head of hair you want for only a few thousand dollars.

While it's true that the price has come down drastically, clinics still recognize hair replacement costs can be out of the reach of some people. That's why some clinics will offer monthly financing so you can pay off your hair replacement costs over a period of time. Having smaller monthly payments as opposed to one lump sum payment is something that makes hair replacement affordable for many people.

Is there any way of making a hair transplant more affordable?

Ways To Lower Your Hair Transplant Price

If you've decided to undergo a hair transplant then you are more than likely ready to fork out whatever money it takes to get you the hair you want. While you shouldn't go cheap when it comes to such an important undertaking there are a couple of ways that you may be able to lower your hair transplant price.

First, you might want to be aware that your hair transplant price may be higher if you are having the procedure performed by a large chain of hair transplant clinics. Usually these chains have higher overhead costs due to advertising and location. Whereas you can get the same expert hair transplant performed by an experienced doctor who works out of a smaller private clinic. So when doing your research check out both the big guys and the smaller clinics and compare prices.

Another way to lower your costs is to be realistic about your expectations. While it would be nice to have a full head of hair again like you did in your twenties, if you're in your forties or beyond that just might not be realistic. Instead why not discuss options with your doctor that will give you a fuller head of hair but require only enough follicles to achieve a more natural look. This will lower your hair transplant price yet give you back some of the hair you've lost over the years.

Should I be suspicious of really cheap quotes for hair transplants?

How to Know if Your Cheap Hair Transplant Quote Is Really Accurate

When shopping around for a hair transplant clinic there's no doubt that the question of cost is going to come up at some point. What may surprise you is the wide range of costs you may encounter in your quest for a cheap hair transplant. Before you snatch up what you think is a great deal consider what a cheaper quote really means and is it as accurate as you're being led to believe?

First you may want to ask each clinic how many follicles they are estimating you will need implanted. The number of follicles used has a direct impact on the price you will pay. Lower quotes will most likely mean fewer follicles. If you are only looking for a slight improvement in your hair thickness a smaller amount of follicles may suffice, but chances are if you're getting hair transplants you want a noticeable difference. This is where a cheap hair transplant that includes much fewer follicles won't be a bargain because you will likely be disappointed with the results.

Another factor to consider is whether that quote is really accurate. It is said that a man will spend up to $5,000 on a cosmetic procedure without much hesitation but much beyond that and he may hesitate. If the quote you are given seems excessively low for your cheap hair transplant you may be getting under quoted in an attempt to simply get you in the chair. Once you commit to the procedure the doctor may up the price by telling you you'd be happier with more follicles for instance. The best course of action when looking for a cheap hair transplant is to discuss your specific goals with your doctor and then base your choice on which clinic will meet those goals for the best price.

I’ve heard some doctors use staples after a hair transplant to close the incisions while some other doctors use stitches. Is there a difference?

Using Staples During Hair Replacement Surgery

When performing hair replacement surgery there is two trains of thought when deciding what to use to close the incisions after the procedure. While it is said that using stitches is more comfortable for the patient some doctors believe that using staples is the better method.

When staples are used to close incisions after hair replacement surgery they do not react with the skin the way stitches do and cause much less inflammation. Also, each staple is separate, unlike stitches which are continuous, and it is believed that this causes minimal interruption of the blood flow. The combination of more blood flow and less swelling speeds up the healing process. The use of staples during hair replacement surgery is also less damaging to the hair follicles which is very important when your main goal is to grow more hair.

When deciding to undergo hair replacement surgery you may want to ask if your doctor uses stitches or staples. While you may feel more comfortable immediately after your surgery you must remember that your main goal is a quick healing and successful hair transplant and that staples may be better suited to those goals. You can always take some pain medication when staples are used but there is no reversing any adverse effects caused by using stitches.

I take Propecia for my hair loss but I’m considering a hair transplant. The only thing holding me back is the price. Any suggestions on how to get over this hurdle?

Hair Transplant Costs vs. Hair Loss Treatment Costs

If you know you are bothered by your hair loss, and have done your research, been diagnosed as a candidate for hair transplant surgery, have found the physician you trust, but the cost of the hair transplant is the primary factor preventing you from proceeding, there are a few things that you may want to consider. What are your current monthly and yearly costs of prescription or over the counter hair loss treatments you may be using, factored over a lifetime – or the cost of a hair system and its maintenance year after year? Remember that a hair transplant procedure is permanent, and no maintenance is required.

I’m thinking about getting hair replacement surgery. What are some of the things I should consider before I go ahead and do it?

How To Know If You're Ready For Hair Replacement

A hair replacement procedure, as with any surgery, should not be entered into lightly. Hair transplantation should not be treated the same as getting a hair styling or a tattoo. It is a surgical procedure and you should be confident that all of your questions have been answered thoroughly before undergoing hair replacement surgery.

One factor to be considered before undergoing a hair replacement procedure is the person's age and state of mind. As a general rule, people in their early twenties may not be good candidates for hair replacement surgery. The pattern of hair loss of a person in their twenties may not yet be fully established and the procedure done today, may not address their needs for the future when their hair loss matures. Also, to commit to surgical hair replacement at a young age negates the ability to shave ones head, or possibly wear their hair very short in the future. Factors such as density, donor area stability, scalp laxity, risk of extensive hair loss and, of course, emotional maturity, all need to be considered.

Is the cost of a hair transplant really worth it and how does one justify the money spent?

Weighing The Cost Of A Hair Transplant

When pricing out the cost of a hair transplant you might find yourself going into sticker shock. Yes, these procedures aren't cheap but depending on your situation you may find that the cost of a hair transplant isn't as expensive as you initially thought.

For example, if you are a man who currently wears a hair piece or wig you know that those hair replacement systems are not cheap. Typically, a good quality hair piece costs $1,200 and needs to be replaced once a year. Couple that with the cost of grooming and reattaching and you'll see that that the cost of wearing a hair piece for a number of years may soon add up to the cost of a hair transplant.

Also, you can cut the cost of a hair transplant depending on how many follicles you need. If you are looking to go from bald to a full head of hair your costs will reflect the need for more follicles, assuming that you have that many to be transplanted. Yet if you are only looking for a moderate enhancement the number of follicles, and the cost of a hair transplant, will be much lower.

Can women who take hormones be susceptible to hair loss?

New York Hair Restoration: Combating Hair Loss Due To Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bernstein Medical Tip: Some women who take a testosterone hormone to increase their libido may be at risk for hair loss due to that hormone. In general, women have a delicate balance between testosterone and estrogen. For the most part it is the amount of estrogen in their system that protects them from the hair loss usually associated with male hair loss. For women that have experienced this type of hair loss, a New York hair restoration clinic may be able to help restore the hair that was lost due to the hormone therapy.

Another cause of hair loss in post-menopausal women may have nothing to do with hormones. As a woman ages her hair may decrease in size and appear thinner. This is a genetically determined progression that has very little to do with her hormones. In these cases the hair loss is usually not enough to warrant a visit to a New York hair restoration clinic.

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