Your Guide To Healthy Hair

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My problem is not with hair loss but with dry and damaged hair. How can I get my hair to be healthy again?

Your Guide To Healthy Hair

Dull and dry hair can be caused by a number of factors. Too many chemical processes, such as perms and colors, exposure to chlorine or poor diet can all take a toll on the health of your hair. With the proper repair strategy and maintenance routine you can be on your way to shiny, healthy hair in no time.

Your first course of action is to get rid of what is not repairable. Hair, no matter how healthy, is nothing more than dead cells. Still, these dead cells either shine brilliantly, if treated well, or remain dull and break off if abused. Since hair that is split and breaking off is beyond help it is best to simply cut it off. Keeping splitting ends will not only make your hair look way worse but as the hair breaks off and splits up further you will slowly loose more healthy hair to the destructive process.

Your next step is to treat the hair you now have like gold. Healthy hair doesn't happen by accident; you need to create it. Now that the worst of your damaged hair is gone you will need to change your hair habits or suffer a repeat of the damage. Now is the time to figure out what caused the dryness and avoid it—at least for now. If you colored or permed your hair too often you'll need to lay off the chemical services for a while. If you are a swimmer you'll need to invest in a special shampoo to remove the drying chlorine from your hair and buy a swim cap. You'll also want to try letting your hair air dry when you can as excessive use of blow dryers and flat irons can quickly damage healthy hair.

The products you use can also help or hinder your hair's health. Use shampoos and conditioners that are designed for dry/damaged hair. You'll also want to invest in an intensive weekly conditioning treatment that will help give your hair extra moisture and protection in its weakened state. While you're nursing your hair back to health you can fake healthy hair by using a styling cream or gel that contains silicone. This will give sheen to the hair and help control and frizzies. A spray on shine product will also make your hair look healthier.

While these steps will help nurse your hair back to health, your long term hair maintenance program should include a healthy, balanced diet, minimal chemical and heat exposure and regular trims to keep your healthy hair looking its best.



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