Common Causes Of Female Hair Loss

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What exactly causes female hair loss?

Common Causes Of Female Hair Loss

Hair loss in general is usually very frustrating for those who suffer from it, but female hair loss can be especially devastating. The common cause of female hair loss is an inherited condition called female pattern baldness. Hormones, known as DHT or androgens, attack the hair follicles and begin to shrink them. These damaged follicles produce thinner and thinner hairs until the follicle dies off completely and no more hair is produced from that follicle.

Other causes of female hair loss can range from low thyroid levels, hormonal imbalances and even binge dieting. Those women who put themselves on severe diets deprive their body of essential nutrients. The lack of protein and iron often result in hair loss during the duration of the diet. The good news is that this can usually be reversed and the hair will return to normal once the body begins receiving proper nutrition once again.

Pregnancy can also cause hair loss in some expectant mothers. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause an imbalance and subsequent hair loss. It can range from slight thinning of the hair to noticeable recession of the hairline or even thin patches throughout the head. Thankfully, just like with binge dieting, these causes of female hair loss are almost always temporary and the new mother's hair should begin to grow back shortly after birth.



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