Tips For Female Hair Loss Prevention

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My friend is suffering from hair loss. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening to me?

Tips For Female Hair Loss Prevention

Let's face it, as women spend a lot of time on our hair. So when it comes to the hair on our head any thinning is cause for great alarm. While female hair loss is usually an inherited condition, it can be caused by the things we do, or don't do. Here are some tips for female hair loss prevention to make sure your hair stays there.

  1. Don't stress out your hair. Wearing tight ponytails or extensions that pull on the hair follicles can cause breakage or even permanent damage to the hair follicle itself. When wearing your hair back in a pony tail make sure there is some slack in the hair to prevent stress on the hair and follicles.
  2. Only have hair extensions or braids performed by licensed and experienced stylists.

    Damage due to harsh or repetitive chemical treatments can also cause hair loss. While having your hair colored or permed in a normal fashion isn't going to cause it to fall out, harsh procedures may. Those who bleach their hair on a regular basis can weaken the hair strands and suffer significant hair loss due to massive breakage. Perms on already weak hair can also cause small clumps of hair loss due to breakage. While this is usually temporary female hair loss prevention starts with being kind to your hair.

  3. Eat well and stay healthy. Your hair is an outside example of the healthy of your body. Poor diet or binge dieting can take its toll and cause female hair loss. Eating a balanced and nutritional diet high in iron and protein will keep your hair looking its best. Stress can also trigger hair loss so be sure you're getting enough sleep and finding ways to deal with the stresses in your life. Exercise is a great form of female hair loss prevention as it keeps you fit and helps reduce stress in the body.



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