Options For Female Hair Loss Treatment

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I am a women suffering from hair loss. What are my options in stopping my hair loss and growing back my hair?

Options For Female Hair Loss Treatment

For those women suffering from female hair loss there are two viable female hair loss treatment options to help you restore the lost hair. One is the use of a topical solution that helps previously damaged follicles grow hair once again. The other is undergoing a hair transplant procedure to permanently replace the hair you have lost.

Topical female hair loss treatment involves the daily application of a two percent minoxidil solution to the scalp. This option takes time in order to grow hair and the results can vary for each user. Typically the hair begins to grow back with the consistency of peach fuzz and over time thickens up to normal hair. While this is a great first defense for those women who notice their hair is thinning, it will not work for everyone and may even cause scalp irritation in a small percentage of users. Women should also be aware that a topical female hair loss treatment will only work so long as you keep using the solution daily. Once the treatment is stopped your hair loss will return.

A permanent option for women suffering from hair loss is to undergo a hair transplant procedure. Typically thought of as a man's treatment, female hair loss treatments involving hair restoration have come a long way to fighting the battle of female hair loss. The candidate will first have to undergo a physical exam in order to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may be causing her hair loss. Once the candidate is approved and a viable donor area is found on the patient hair is harvested and transplanted in groups of one to four hairs in the thinning areas. This procedure produces very natural looking hair restoration and is a wonderful female hair loss treatment for women looking for a permanent solution to their hair loss.



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