Hair Restoration: Not Just For Men

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I’m a woman who’s loosing her hair. Is hair restoration only for men or can women have this treatment also?

Hair Restoration: Not Just For Men

When we think of someone undergoing a hair transplant procedure we usually envision the image of a balding man. Yet women suffer from hair loss as well. While many of the state of the art hair restoration techniques are applicable to women, not all women are good candidates for hair transplantation.

The majority of men with genetic hair loss have a stable donor area and are good candidates for hair restoration, but in many cases women are subject to diffuse unpatterned alopecia (DUPA), i.e. thinning all over. This is earmarked by an unstable donor area and must be diagnosed by a medical professional before considering hair transplantation. Only women with stable hair growth on the sides and back of their scalp should consider a hair transplant procedure. If the donor area is not stable, it will negate any positive results of the hair restoration.

It is important for a woman to have the cause of her hair loss diagnosed prior to considering a hair restoration procedure. Various tests should be run by her doctor first. Thyroid conditions, stress, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, drug reactions, can all lead to hair loss in a women and this hair loss can, in some cases, be reversed without surgical intervention.

As to the pattern of female hair loss, there are simple tests which can be performed to diagnose someone's candidacy for a hair restoration procedure. A hair pull, and hair pluck test as well as a thorough medical history, can help the doctor diagnose whether hair loss is due to specific diseases or merely a hereditary disposition and determine what course of action is best for the individual.



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