Stress: A Common Cause of Sudden Female Hair Loss

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Can stress really cause your hair to fall out?

Stress: A Common Cause of Sudden Female Hair Loss

Stress...we all feel it at some point in our lives and usually we learn to deal with it and move on. Unfortunately, for some women who experience severe stress it can lead to rapid and sudden female hair loss.

"Telogen Effluvium" is the medical term for sudden female hair loss due to severe and sudden stress.

Typically, the hair loss begins within two to three months of the onset of the stressful situation. This condition causes rapid hair loss at a rate of 300 to 400 hairs a day, compared with the normal 100 hairs a day we loose naturally. This hair loss can spread to include up to 70% of the scalps total hair and cause significant baldness.

One of the reasons for severe stress causing hair loss is due to a build up of adrenaline in the body. Adrenaline can be a good thing and give us that burst of energy we need for certain situations but it can be harmful when those level build up in the body and remain constant for extended periods of time. To help lessen or eliminate your hair loss during high stress it is recommended to begin a regular exercise routine. A regular workout will lower your adrenaline levels and not only help you feel better but should help slow or stop your sudden female hair loss.

Along with regular exercise you should also take time out of your day to simply relax. This doesn't have to be a complicated meditation procedure but simply a time you set aside to clear your mind and do nothing. It can be done on a lunch break, at home after work or anytime that you have a few minutes. These quiet moments can go a long way to curing your sudden female hair loss.



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