Common Female Hair Loss Reasons

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What are some common reasons why women loose their hair?

Common Female Hair Loss Reasons

When it comes to hair loss in women, there can be many female hair loss reasons that cause a woman to loose her hair. The reasons can range from hormonal imbalances to specific medications that she may be taking. The hair often acts as an indicator of a woman's overall health and many times medical conditions will show up in the condition of a woman's hair.

One of the common female hair loss reasons are inherited conditions such as hormonal imbalances. Typical female pattern baldness occurs when a woman produces an abundance of androgens, which include testosterone, associated with men. Women usually produce this hormone in small amounts but females can have a predisposition to producing larger amounts which cause the hair follicles to die off.

Medical conditions such as autoimmune disorders can be another female hair loss reason. This condition causes the hair to fall out in clumps and leaves bald patches on the scalp. Medication can also be a cause of female hair loss. Certain types of medication can interrupt the normal growth of hair. Thankfully, female hair loss reasons involving medication are usually temporary and the hair will return to its normal growth cycle when the medication is stopped.



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