Oral Contraception And Hair Loss In Women

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Is it true that taking the pill to prevent pregnancy can cause your hair to fall out?

Oral Contraception And Hair Loss In Women

While there can be many reasons for hair loss in women one that is not widely known is the use of oral contraception. The birth control pill suppresses ovulation by using hormones such as estrogen and progestin. Women who have a predisposition to hormonal- related hair loss or are sensitive to hormonal changes can experience varying degrees of hair loss either while using the pill or several weeks or months after discontinuing its use.

Other hormonal birth control methods are also cause for concern for women who may be susceptible to hormone related hair loss in women. Progestin implants are small rods surgically inserted under the skin and release a steady dose of progestin. Hormone injections, skin patches and the vaginal ring may also cause mild to severe hair loss in hormone sensitive women as they all introduce estrogen and progestin into the body in order to prevent ovulation.

If your family has a history of female hair loss it is highly recommended that you choose a type of birth control that does not rely on the use of hormones to prevent pregnancy. Condoms or a diaphragm can prevent pregnancy but in no way cause a hormonal imbalance in the body.



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