What You Should Know About Eyebrow Hair Transplants

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I have a medical condition in which I lost my eyebrows. Is there anything I can do to restore them?

What You Should Know About Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Hair loss is not always limited to the hair on your scalp. The eyebrows can be lost or adversely affected by conditions such as thyroid disease, alopecia areata, burns or even over tweezing of the brows. Since the eyebrows literally sit front and center of your face any loss or deformation of the eye brows is very noticeable. This is why some people turn to eyebrow hair transplants to give them a more normal appearance.

If you are considering eyebrow hair transplants there are some things you should know before you proceed. Unlike natural eyebrows, the hair that is transplanted from the scalp will continue to grow. This means you will need to trim your eyebrows much like you would your hair. The ends of your eyebrows will not taper off like regular eyebrows and will instead have a more blunt appearance to them.

Also, because wounds contract, as your eyebrow hair transplants heal the transplanted eyebrows may not lie as flat as a normal eyebrow would. You will want to be aware that the transplanted eyebrow hairs from the scalp will not completely match with any existing eyebrow hair completely. Over time the transplanted hairs may blend better but there will be a noticeable difference as they are two completely different types of hair.



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