The Difference Between Scalp And Eyebrow Hair Transplants

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If I have an eyebrow transplant will it look natural?

The Difference Between Scalp And Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Eyebrow hair transplants, like scalp transplants, allow you to permanently grow hair where there once was very little or none. Though there are some similarities, such as both procedures offer permanent hair replacement, there are certain facts that are different when transplanting hair to the eyebrow area.

One of the biggest differences in eyebrow hair transplants from scalp transplants is the degree of difficulty in matching the hair direction. Unlike scalp hair in which it is much easier to place and blend the transplanted hairs, eyebrow hair changes direction frequently and is much harder to mimic. In the area nearest the eye the eyebrow hair grows straight up. Over the eye the hair changes direction and grows both outward and upward. The direction of the hairs changes towards the end of the eyebrow when the hair grows outward and upward. Couple this with the eyebrow hair's crisscross pattern that creates a natural elevation in the middle of the eyebrow and you can see why matching the hair direction during eyebrow hair transplants is much more difficult. Therefore, patients shouldn't expect a perfect match or blending from transplanted hairs.

Those thinking of having eyebrow hair transplants should also note that the hair used will be scalp hair and will therefore grow like hair on your head. Natural eyebrow hair grows for only a short period of time before resting and shedding. Scalp hair has a much longer growth period and will therefore grow much longer than eyebrow hair normally would. This means that after an eyebrow hair transplant you will have to regularly trim the hair in order to keep it eyebrow length. This affects the appearance of the eyebrows because the trimmed hair will have thicker, blunt ends as opposed to finer, tapered ends.



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