Three Things To Know About Eyebrow Hair Transplants

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How well do the hairs from an eyebrow transplant blend with your existing eyebrow hair?

Three Things To Know About Eyebrow Hair Transplants

If you have lost the hair in your eyebrow area, having an eyebrow hair transplant can make a huge difference in your appearance. Yet, there are some facts about eyebrow transplants that you should prepare yourself for before having the procedure done.

Unlike hairs on your head, which typically grow in groups of one to four hairs, eyebrows grow in single hairs only. The angle at which the hair comes out of the follicle is also very steep which allows the hair to lye flat against the face. This means the procedure demands a doctor very skilled in placing one hair at a time in a manner that will blend in with the natural eyebrows complicated shape.

Those considering eyebrow hair transplants should also note that all wounds contract over time. Because of this the original angle of the hair can be altered slightly and the transplanted eyebrow hairs may stand more elevated than normal. Due to this, and the fact that hair transplanted from the scalp is different in texture than eyebrow hair, it can be very difficult to blend hair from an eyebrow hair transplant with any existing eyebrow hair. Still, it will mean having hair in the eyebrow area which is bound to look more natural than no hair at all.



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