The Facial Hair Transplant: A Cure For Sparse Facial Hair

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I have tried for years to grow a mustache but it never comes in thick enough. Is there anything that can be done to thicken it up?

The Facial Hair Transplant: A Cure For Sparse Facial Hair

For some men a sign of masculinity is the ability to grow thick and even facial hair. Yet genetics isn't always in your favor and in some cases a man's facial hair never transitions past thin and patchy hair growth. This is where a facial hair transplant can give you what nature didn't.

Much like traditional hair transplants on the scalp, donor hair is taken from the scalp and transplanted in a sparse area. With a facial hair transplant hair from the scalp is harvested and transplanted to the beard area, mustache area or both. The hairs are transplanted in one to two hair grafts to imitate how natural facial hair grows for an extremely natural look. Depending on a client's needs, the amount of hairs used in a facial hair transplant can be as few as 200 or as many as 2,200.

The transplanted hair from the scalp is identical to facial hair in texture and growth allowing it to blend quite well with existing facial hair. Once the hair is transplanted it will grow as normal hair would and will need to be shaved or trimmed as desired. A facial hair transplant is a great option for men frustrated with their inability to grow full facial hair as the procedure is permanent.



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