The Risks Of A Facial Hair Transplant

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Can you tell me what the risks are of getting a facial hair transplant?

The Risks Of A Facial Hair Transplant

For many men, a facial hair transplant can give a new sense of self esteem and self image. Yet as with any type of surgery there are always risks. Before you undergo this procedure you should know these risks so that you can make an informed decision.

It is during the healing process that poses the greatest risk for things to go wrong with a facial hair transplant. Any time there are incisions in the skin there is always a risk of infection. Usually though, this is easily treated with antibiotics.

Though it is very rare, there is a risk of permanent scarring from a facial hair transplant. One area in particular that is susceptible to scarring is the central area right below the lower lip. This is why some doctors will avoid transplanting hair in this small but sensitive area to avoid the risk of scarring.

Numbness in the recipient area is common but is almost always temporary. Usually the loss of sensation will reverse itself within two to three months after the surgery. There is also a risk that the transplanted hairs will not survive and the procedure will require a second session in order to achieve the desired results. The best way to avoid this and all side effects is to follow your doctors post op instructions carefully. This should eliminate most of the risks and make your facial hair transplant a success.



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