Erasing The After Effects Of Scarring And Burns With A Facial Hair Transplant

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I suffered from severe burns to my face years ago and as a result cannot grow a beard. Is there any way I can get this area to grow hair again and help cover up my scars?

Erasing The After Effects Of Scarring And Burns With A Facial Hair Transplant

Anyone who suffers from severe facial scars or burns knows how it can affect one's self esteem and self image. Many times these burns or scars prohibit a man from growing facial hair in the affected areas. Thankfully, there is a procedure called a facial hair transplant that can reverse this type of hair loss and help camouflage scar and burn tissue.

First the design of the restoration is mapped out on the patient's face. Local anesthesia is used, being mindful of the many nerves present in the face. The hair is harvested from the occipital area (the area at the middle back of the head) and grafted to the face in one or two hair groupings. The doctors insert the grafts into the facial area, placing them at angles that mimic the natural pattern of beard and mustache growth.

The first forty-eight hours is the most sensitive after a facial hair transplant and great care needs to be taken with the recipient area. Showers are permitted after the forty-eight hour period and any crusting should disappear after one week. The patient can expect normal hair growth typically after three to four months from the facial hair transplant time.



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