Body Hair Transplants: Get Informed About Chest Hair Transplants

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I’m a man who has very little chest hair and it bothers me. Is there anything I can do to grow more hair on my chest area?

Body Hair Transplants: Get Informed About Chest Hair Transplants

Body hair transplants are performed on people who, for whatever reason, are unsatisfied with the amount of body hair they have in one or more areas of their body. The area could be the chest and abdomen for men, or the pubic area for either men or women. Though having a body hair transplant can give you body hair where there is little or none there are some things you should know before having the procedure.

For men contemplating a body hair transplant you should know that the donor hair is harvested from the scalp. Since body hair transplants can require upwards of 3,400 individual hairs those with thinning hair on their heads may not be an ideal candidate. Men should also note that if they have ever considered having a traditional hair transplant to reverse male pattern baldness there is little chance that there will be enough hair for both procedures. You'll need to decide which area, you head or your chest, you'd rather have hair on.

Also, when transplanting large amount of hair to the chest area there is an additional risk that comes with the anesthesia. For smaller area transplants a local anesthetic is usually used but many patients having the larger chest area procedure find this too uncomfortable. Therefore, many men choose to have an intravenous general anesthetic used to avoid the pain. Any time you are “put under” the risk factors go up so be sure you are aware of this before having a body hair transplant involving a large area such as the chest.



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