Body Hair Transplants: Reversing Electrolysis

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I had electrolysis a few years ago and removed all the hair in my bikini area. I’m now sorry I did it and would like to have at least some hair there. Is there anyway I can reverse the effects of the electrolysis?

Body Hair Transplants: Reversing Electrolysis

We've all done things we regret, but what if that something is permanent hair removal from electrolysis? Women are always attempting to remove unwanted body hair, such as in the bikini area, but what seemed like a good idea then may leave you regretting your hairless public area. Thankfully, a body hair transplant can reverse the permanent hair loss associated with electrolysis and give you back some of the hair you had removed.

If you are considering reversing your bikini line electrolysis with a body hair transplant you should note that the donor hair will be taken from the scalp in an inconspicuous area. Due to the fact that hair on the scalp has a longer growth rate the new transplanted hair in your pubic area will need to be trimmed on a regular basis to keep it short and tidy.

Women should also note that because small incisions need to be made to graft the hair into place there will be tiny scars on the recipient area. These scars are minimal and your new public hair will cover them as long as you don't shave or wax it all off. The procedure can be performed under a local anesthetic with minimal discomfort. You will need to refrain from showering for forty-eight hours after the procedure and small crusts will form on the grafted areas but these should fall off approximately a week after the body hair transplant is performed.



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