Form The Perfect Goatee With A Facial Hair Transplant

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I’d love to be able to grow a goatee but I can’t get my facial hair to grow evenly on my chin. Is there any type of procedure that can help me grow even facial hair?

Form The Perfect Goatee With A Facial Hair Transplant

For some men growing the perfect goatee is an impossible task. Genetics or scarring to the face can prohibit a man from growing facial hair in an even manner. This is where a facial hair transplant can fill in the sparse areas and give you the perfectly formed goatee you've always wanted.

Hair on the scalp, where the donor hair will be taken from, grows very similarly to that of facial hair. This means the new transplanted hair will blend beautifully with any existing facial hair. It typically takes between 200 and 600 individually grafted hairs to perform a facial hair transplant and the results are quite natural looking thanks to advances in hair transplant techniques.

In the early stages of hair transplants large sections, known as “plugs” were used and gave a very unnatural look to the transplanted hair. Surgeons now know that scalp and facial hair grow in groups of one to four hairs and use this knowledge to perform facial hair transplants that mimic this natural growth pattern. The surgeon will map out the outline of your new goatee beforehand and will carefully fill in any areas missing hair to create a full and even goatee. It will take a few months for the hair to begin growing but once established your new hair will grow at the same rate as your existing facial hair.



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