Diagnosing Hair Loss In Men

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How can you know for sure what is causing your hair loss?

Diagnosing Hair Loss In Men

Male pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss in men but there can be other factors that will cause a man to loose his hair. A proper diagnosis from a trained professional is essential to find the cause and a possible treatment for a man's hair loss.

When male pattern baldness is suspected a doctor will asses the appearance of your hair loss and take a detailed family history which involves the hair loss of any other family members. An experienced dermatologist can examine the scalp under magnification with a device called a densitometer and will check to see the degree of miniaturization (shrinking) of the hair follicles. A chart called the Norwood scale, which depicts various stages and types of male pattern baldness, is also consulted. This scale is used to assess the degree of hair loss in men to help find a viable treatment.

Another factor that contributes to hair loss in men is mental or physical stress. When stress is involved a man will usually loose his hair four weeks to three months after a traumatic experience. When this type of hair loss is diagnosed there is usually no treatment recommended as the hair will eventually grow back on its own once the stressful situation has been dealt with. When you experience sudden hair loss you should consult your doctor and have a thorough physical exam and mention any recent stressful events.



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