Beware False Claims From Hair Loss Treatments For Men

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How can I tell which hair loss products are scams and which ones actually work?

Beware False Claims From Hair Loss Treatments For Men

Treating male pattern baldness is a multi-million dollar business and there are many companies trying to get a piece of the industry. Unfortunately, many of the hair loss treatments for men on the market boast false claims and give little to no results in stopping hair loss or re-growing hair.

There are many vitamins on the market that claim to be able to restore your lost hair, but many of these vitamins are only full of false hope. Yes, a poor diet can cause hair loss but if you are fighting inherited male pattern baldness vitamins and other such hair loss treatments for men won't do anything to give you back your hair. There are also shampoos on the market that claim to be able to grow hair back. While a healthy scalp is important for optimum hair health, if your follicles are shrinking due to sensitivity to DHT, as happens in male pattern baldness, the shampoo will have little to no effect.

Also beware of products claiming “ancient recipes” or those that are from foreign lands and claim almost magical abilities to grow your hair. None of these works in battling hair loss and will only succeed in helping you loose money out of your wallet. If you are serious about stopping your hair loss find reputable websites that will instruct you on which FDA approved hair loss treatments for men are best for your situation.



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