Hairstyles To Camouflage Frontal Hair Loss

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I’m loosing my hair via a receding hairline. I don’t want to take drugs or have a hair transplant. Are there any styling techniques that will help hide my hairline?

Hairstyles To Camouflage Frontal Hair Loss

When most men begin loosing their hair it starts with a receding hair line and progresses from there. In the beginning this may not affect the man's overall appearance but as the hair loss continues that receding hair line can get quite noticeable. This is where some styling tricks can come into play and help hide those receding areas.

When the hair is just beginning to recede it can usually be hidden quite well by simply leaving the hair in the front slightly longer than the rest. When having your hair cut explain to your stylist that you want to try and cover up this area and she will leave extra length in the front, especially over the two areas that are receding. By doing this you can use the extra length to style over the thinning parts and your hair will look just as thick there as the rest of your hair.

Once your frontal hair loss has progressed quite a ways back it is time to take the opposite approach. This is where most men resist changing their hairstyle and they want to continue growing the hair long in order to make up for the thinning or bald spots. This is actually counterproductive as it only draws more attention to the receding hairline through the long hair/missing hair contrast. Instead, have your stylist cut your hair quite short all over. You can use a little gel on top to give your hair a messy look and emphasize an attractive style with the hair that you have. This will draw attention away from your frontal hair loss and onto the rest of your hair.



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