Hair Transplant Post Op Steps

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What things should I avoid doing right after my hair transplant surgery?

Hair Transplant Post Op Steps

After you receive a hair transplant there are important hair transplant post operative steps that you will need to follow to ensure a speedy recovery and to reduce the risk of damage to the newly implanted follicles. Immediately after your surgery, the clinic should go over the immediate steps you will need to take to care for your new hair transplant. These will include not washing your hair for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. The new follicles are very prone to damage in the early stages and washing could dislodge or damage them.

For two weeks your hair transplant post op regimen should include avoiding direct sun contact on your hair transplant as well as avoiding any strenuous exercise or contact sports. To prevent swelling you should sleep with two or more pillows under you head to prop you up, or if you can manage it, sleep in a recliner chair.

Scabs will form on your hair transplant post op. This is a natural part of the healing process and these scabs should be left alone to heal on their own. Never pick or scrape the scabs as you risk infection or permanent damage to the new hair grafts.



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