Caring For Your Hair After Hair Transplant Surgery

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Is there a certain way to wash my hair after a hair transplant?

Caring For Your Hair After Hair Transplant Surgery

Now that you've got that new head of soon-to-be-hair you want to make sure you pamper those new follicles. The newly grafted hair will be very sensitive and vulnerable in the first few weeks after hair transplant surgery so you will need to take extra care when washing and grooming your hair.

For the first 24 to 48 hours after hair transplant surgery you will not be allowed to wash your hair to avoid damaging the new hair implants. After this time period is up you can begin washing your hair but not in the manner you are used to. Using a cup of warm water gently wet the head. Take a small amount of a gentle shampoo and carefully pat your head with the shampoo to remove any oils or dirt. Do not scrub your head like you usually do. The follicles are too susceptible to damage at this stage so easy does it.

Avoid using a blow dryer until after your hair grafts have healed and fallen out. Excess heat, wind and brushing could disrupt the natural healing process after hair transplant surgery. During this time be mindful of keeping your scabs and grafts clean but do not pick at or pull on them in any way.



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