Hair Transplant Recovery: What To Expect In Terms Of Pain And Numbness

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How long will the pain and numbness last after my hair transplant surgery?

Hair Transplant Recovery: What To Expect In Terms Of Pain And Numbness

One of the concerns of patients undergoing a hair transplant is the pain and/or numbness they will experience afterwards. Knowing how long each will last can help a person know whether or not their hair transplant recovery is proceeding as normal.

The first day after your surgery you can expect some discomfort and tightness in your scalp. There is also often numbness in the area. In day two and three there may still be some soreness in the donor area but the recipient area should be pain free by now. In some patients there may still be some numbness in this stage of their hair transplant recovery.

By the end of the first week of your hair transplant recovery the pain should all be gone. In some cases there is still a small amount of numbness but most cases of numbness will have disappeared by the end of the second week. In some cases the numbness can persist in the donor area but should be completely gone by month two to five of your hair transplant recovery.



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