Hair Transplant Post Op: Avoid Too Much Water

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I’ve heard getting your new hair transplants too wet right after can damage them. Is this true?

Hair Transplant Post Op: Avoid Too Much Water

In the days following your hair transplant you will be required to cleanse and shampoo your scalp often in order to remove the crusts that will form and reduce the risk of infection. While it may seem like your head spends an awful lot of time being wet in those first few days it is actually very important not to let your hair soak in water for too long during your hair transplant post op cleansing.

New hair grafts that are immersed too long in water at one time may begin to swell as they soak up the excess water. This is evident when the grafts rise above the scalp and appear as little white bumps on the scalp. While this is not dangerous it is an indication of too much water exposure during your hair transplant post op routine. The bumps will disappear once the hair and scalp dry out.

To avoid having your new hair grafts soak up too much water it's recommended to use a sponge to wash your hair. Dampen your hair with the wet sponge, lather gently and wring out the soaked sponge over your hair to gently rinse. This will ensure that your hair transplant post op cleansing ritual is gentle and graft friendly.



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