View Hair Transplant Procedures Online

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Is there anywhere I can see what happens during a hair transplant before I decide to get one?

View Hair Transplant Procedures Online

If you are thinking of having a hair transplant but would like to see how one is performed you can do so by viewing parts of hair transplant procedures online. Through the technology of streaming video you can watch the extraction of hair follicles via a small punch. These grafts are then plucked from the scalp and are transplanted into the recipient area.

These videos showing hair transplant procedures also show the healing process in stages after the surgery. You can see that there is minimal scarring and that the healing process happens quite rapidly. Those who want to see what goes on during hair transplant procedures can view these videos from the comfort of their own home and see exactly what the procedure entails before ever stepping foot in a doctors office.

The videos also show how microscopic dissection uses precise cuts in order to yield the most hair follicles from a donor strip. The videos show the dissection of brown, blonde and white hair as well as discussing the challenges that come with dissecting blonde and white hair due to their light color.



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