The Risks Of a Laser Hair Transplant

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Is using a laser during a hair transplant just as good or better than using a scalpel?

The Risks Of a Laser Hair Transplant

Procedures involved in hair transplants are constantly being revised and updated in order to give recipients the most natural looking and successful hair transplant possible. The laser has made a name for itself in precision cutting during surgery and is now making its way into the hair restoration world via a laser hair transplant. Unfortunately, the use of a laser during a hair transplant may be more of a hindrance than advancement.

A serious drawback of a laser hair transplant is the risk of fewer grafts yielding hair. This is due to the laser's ability to instantly cauterize its incisions. Because there is little to no blood in the new areas the oxygenation and blood supply of the new grafts can be compromised. At this time there really is no large benefit to having a laser hair transplant over a traditional one.

Another problem with the laser hair transplant is the damage the laser inflicts on the recipient area's tissue. The laser causes destruction of the dermal collagen and elastic fibers in the skin. This can cause the grafts to fall out. Also, the laser can actually increase the amount of scarring a patient receives versus using a traditional steel scalpel.



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