NY Hair Restoration: Find The Best Solution For Your Hair Loss

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I’m starting to loose my hair and I want to find a solution. Should I try the drugs for hair loss first or go straight to a hair transplant?

NY Hair Restoration: Find The Best Solution For Your Hair Loss

Bernstein Medical Tip: When a person first begins to seek a solution to their hair loss they may not be aware of all the options available to them. A reputable NY hair restoration facility should not try and push the procedure of hair transplants on a client as the first or only solution. Many times other options are suitable to the clients needs or are at least recommended as a first step in the fight against their hair loss.

For patients suffering from early onset hair loss medical treatments such as Rogaine or the drug Propecia may be a better solution. Getting your hair loss under control and slowing the process can mean a smaller hair transplant procedure down the line. In some cases the drug Propecia will not only stop a person's hair loss but may help them grow enough hair back that they no longer feel the need to undergo a hair restoration procedure.

For those seeking a reputable NY hair restoration clinic you should seek ones that discuss all your options and choose one that has your individual needs in mind during your consultation. While Rogaine or Propecia may not work for everyone, hair replacement surgery should be undertaken when all your other options have been exhausted.



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