Caring For Your Non Surgical Hair Replacement System

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Do non surgical hair systems require special treatment?

Caring For Your Non Surgical Hair Replacement System

If you have decided to go the non surgical hair replacement route instead of having a hair transplant you'll need to know how to take care of your system to keep it looking its best. While the hair used in these systems are human hair they are no longer receiving nutrients from a scalp and can become brittle over time. To avoid having to replace your non surgical hair replacement system too often you will need to learn the best way to clean and condition your hair system.

Regular shampoos and conditioners from the grocery store will not likely cut it for your expensive hair replacement system. With some non surgical hair replacement systems the company may produce their own line of hair care products. These products will have extra conditioners and gentle cleansing agents that will pamper your hair system and avoid prematurely drying them out.

Special styling products are also made for non surgical hair replacement systems. These products will be alcohol free which will prevent drying but will still give you the styling hold you want. They are available in mousses, gels, spray in conditioners and hair sprays. Since you've spent good money on your hair system it only makes sense to use products that will protect it.



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