Passport Information For Those Having Hair Replacement Surgery In The US

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I’m going to be traveling to the US for a hair transplant. What kind of documentation will I need?

Passport Information For Those Having Hair Replacement Surgery In The US

In light of the tightened United States security measures after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, tragedy travel to the U.S. is not as hassle free as it once might have been. For those who live outside of the United States and are considering traveling to the U.S. for hair transplant surgery you need to be aware that the U.S. has changed their passport laws as of January 23, 2007. From this date on anyone traveling by air to the U.S. from Canada, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda will require a valid passport.

It is also estimated that by January 1, 2008 anyone traveling to the US by land or sea from the previously mentioned countries may also need a passport to enter the US. If you are planning to undergo a hair replacement surgery you will want to make sure that you have a valid passport or have given yourself enough time to apply for and receive your passport before departure.

It should be noted that anyone traveling to or returning from U.S. territories such as Guam or the U.S. Virgin Islands does not need a passport as this is not considered leaving the country.



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