Celebrity Hair Transplants: Using Big Names To Attract Business

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Can you give me an example of some celebrity hair transplants?

Celebrity Hair Transplants: Using Big Names To Attract Business

When celebrities such as Matt Lauer, Mel Gibson, Jude Law, or Johnny Depp have fuller heads of hair as they age, it is often asked if this is a result of the popular trend of celebrity hair transplants. In businesses that are youth-oriented, a person with a balding head is still equated with being ‘old' or ‘past ones prime.' Being in the public eye can increase the pressure to always look your best and that encompasses having a full head of hair. This is why hair transplants in celebrities and other public figures have been on the rise.

Very often celebrity hair transplants are kept strictly confidential, but in recent years, well known personalities have stepped forward and helped alleviate some of the negative stigma from hair transplantation. But remember, most hair restoration procedures that are performed on public figures, by the top hair transplant surgeons, are kept strictly confidential and the same privacy practices should be expected by you as well.



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