The Stages Of Follicle Growth After A Hair Transplant

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How quickly can I expect to grow hair after my hair transplant?

The Stages Of Follicle Growth After A Hair Transplant

After a hair transplant most patients will find themselves anxiously looking in the mirror for the first signs of follicle growth. While it's completely natural to be impatient with your new hair growth you will have to be patient as it won't happen overnight.

The first stage of follicle growth isn't really growth at all but the new graft implanting itself into its new position. This typically takes anywhere from two to four weeks to occur. After the transplant is complete the grafted hair will actually shed, leaving the implanted follicle behind. This tends to cause alarm in some patients who fear their hopes of follicle growth are falling away. The shedding stage is completely normal and is necessary in the transplant process.

The next stage of follicle growth is a stage of rest. While it may be frustrating to wait for the new hair to pop up from your scalp you must continue to take good care of your recipient area in preparation of the new hair. Finally, three to four months after your initial surgery the new follicle growth will begin to show. From this point on you can expect your new hair to grow at the normal rate of approximately a ½ inch per month.



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