Dealing With Your Hair Transplant After The Surgery

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What will my scalp look and feel like right after my hair transplant?

Dealing With Your Hair Transplant After The Surgery

If you're like many hair transplant patients you've been anxiously awaiting your hair restoration procedure. Yet after the process you will need to be prepared to deal with the visual, physical and psychological effects of having had the surgery.

Visually hair transplants after the surgery are not pretty. The area will be red and over the next few days your donor section will develop crusts and scabs as the small incisions heal. Due to the appearance of the scalp for the first few days most patients opt to wear a baseball cap and opt not to go out in public unless absolutely necessary. You may want to book your procedure when you can take some time off of work and lay low for at least a week.

Your hair transplant after the surgery shouldn't be excessively painful but there will be some discomfort and possible numbness. Swelling and some bruising is also not uncommon. Be prepared for these side effects and you'll be ready to deal with them when they arise.

Psychologically you may feel relief that the procedure is finally done. Do keep in mind that though you will likely have a great boost in self esteem and self image once the hair begins to grow in you will have to be patient. Try not to get discouraged as the hair transplant process takes place. It takes time for the scalp to heal and the new follicles to grow so keep a positive attitude and in the end you'll be thrilled with your hair transplant after all is said and done.



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