Repairing A Hair Transplant: NY Specializes in Transplant Repairs

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I had a hair transplant years ago and I’m not happy with the results. Is there any procedures that can fix it and where’s the best place to go for that procedure?

Repairing A Hair Transplant: NY Specializes in Transplant Repairs

Bernstein Medical Tip: For many people, having a hair transplant was like getting a new lease on life. Unfortunately, that is not always the case for every hair transplant patient. If you received a botched hair transplant, seeking a second hair transplant in NY can repair the unsightly hair restoration and give you a natural looking transplant.

For the best results in fixing a bad hair transplant procedure, NY clinics will perform the repair in two steps. The first step, called graft excision, removes the worst of the unnatural or plug like grafts of hair and are broken up into smaller follicular units. These smaller units are then transplanted back into the scalp in a more natural looking fashion.

The second step is to camouflage any thin sections or near the front hairline where plugs were previously used. By taking a donor strip of hair from the back of the head and harvesting small follicular units from it. These small grafts are then strategically placed where needed to create a natural hairline or at the crown to fill in thin spots. When you need to repair a bad hair transplant NY City facilities have the experience and expertise to recreate a natural looking head of hair for you.



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