What To Look For In A Hair Transplant Clinic

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I’m researching hair transplant clinics. Do you have any advice for how to go about choosing a good one?

What To Look For In A Hair Transplant Clinic

When deciding to undergo a hair transplant, one of your most important tasks is finding a reputable hair transplant clinic. When choosing a clinic, there are some very important factors that you should consider in order to ensure you get the very best hair transplant possible.

A personal recommendation to a specific hair transplant clinic is an excellent first step. A happy client is a sign of a professional establishment, something you can't always ensure when you choose hair transplant clinics from a phone book. When you get a recommendation, ask the person as many questions about their experiences both the positive and negative. Look at their results, would you know from looking at their results if they had a hair transplant?

Check the credentials and experience of the doctor as well as the clinic which performed their hair transplantation. What is the reputation of the clinic? Is the doctor well published in medical journals? Is he/she considered an expert in the field? If the hair transplant practice is well respected, this information should be available on the internet – and with a little research you should be able to easily find it.



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