How To Know If You're Ready For Hair Replacement

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I’m thinking about getting hair replacement surgery. What are some of the things I should consider before I go ahead and do it?

How To Know If You're Ready For Hair Replacement

A hair replacement procedure, as with any surgery, should not be entered into lightly. Hair transplantation should not be treated the same as getting a hair styling or a tattoo. It is a surgical procedure and you should be confident that all of your questions have been answered thoroughly before undergoing hair replacement surgery.

One factor to be considered before undergoing a hair replacement procedure is the person's age and state of mind. As a general rule, people in their early twenties may not be good candidates for hair replacement surgery. The pattern of hair loss of a person in their twenties may not yet be fully established and the procedure done today, may not address their needs for the future when their hair loss matures. Also, to commit to surgical hair replacement at a young age negates the ability to shave ones head, or possibly wear their hair very short in the future. Factors such as density, donor area stability, scalp laxity, risk of extensive hair loss and, of course, emotional maturity, all need to be considered.



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