Using Staples During Hair Replacement Surgery

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I’ve heard some doctors use staples after a hair transplant to close the incisions while some other doctors use stitches. Is there a difference?

Using Staples During Hair Replacement Surgery

When performing hair replacement surgery there is two trains of thought when deciding what to use to close the incisions after the procedure. While it is said that using stitches is more comfortable for the patient some doctors believe that using staples is the better method.

When staples are used to close incisions after hair replacement surgery they do not react with the skin the way stitches do and cause much less inflammation. Also, each staple is separate, unlike stitches which are continuous, and it is believed that this causes minimal interruption of the blood flow. The combination of more blood flow and less swelling speeds up the healing process. The use of staples during hair replacement surgery is also less damaging to the hair follicles which is very important when your main goal is to grow more hair.

When deciding to undergo hair replacement surgery you may want to ask if your doctor uses stitches or staples. While you may feel more comfortable immediately after your surgery you must remember that your main goal is a quick healing and successful hair transplant and that staples may be better suited to those goals. You can always take some pain medication when staples are used but there is no reversing any adverse effects caused by using stitches.



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