What You Should Expect From Hair Transplant Doctors

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What should I look for when speaking to a hair transplant doctor so I know he’s a good one to choose?

What You Should Expect From Hair Transplant Doctors

Finding reputable hair transplant doctors is not always an easy task. From the many doctors who perform hair transplants you will need to find one that is skilled, compassionate, ethical, and has your best interests at heart. To help you find the right doctor, there are several things that should occur even at the consultation.

Ideally, you should meet with the hair transplant doctor rather than a salesman or non-physician representative. The physician should examine you, assess your degree of hair loss and discuss all your options with you. This should be done by you doctor. Both the benefits and disadvantages of other treatments for your hair loss should be discussed. Hair transplantation should not be the only topic. The main focus of your doctor should be to find a solution to your hair loss that fits your needs the best, whether that or not that includes a hair transplant or other hair loss treatment.

If it is decided that hair transplantation is the best course of action, it is important that you feel comfortable with your doctor and are not apprehensive about the procedure, the doctor's experience, or the result of a hair transplant – don't make any decisions if you feel rushed.



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