Sending Photos to Doctors for a Consult

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With so many hair transplant doctors in New York how do I choose the best one?

Sending Photos to Doctors for a Consult

It can be quite frustrating when you find a New York hair replacement doctor that you want to consider, but you are living in a different part of the country. Some New York hair restoration centers allow you to send in photos and a brief history of your hair loss. Based on this information, the hair restoration surgeon can give you an initial impression regarding what he/she thinks might be accomplished with your procedure. If this initial contact is very positive, it then may be worth traveling to visit that doctor.

A photo consultation may offer you the advantage of communicating with a doctor in NY, California, Florida or other areas of the country without having to garner the additional expense of flying to each office. Usually the standard procedure for a photo consultation would require that you download or mail current photographs of yourself including your hairline and sides of your head. Usually they require that you include your location, (New York, California, Texas, etc) to help prevent time zone difficulties, and contact information, so the doctor can begin to communicate with you to ascertain the stage of your hair loss and make preliminary recommendations.

Keep in mind that photo consults are not a substitute for an in-person consultation where the doctor has a chance to examine you and offer therefore offers the best information for your specific situation. Even after a photo consult, if you have decided on a doctor to perform your hair restoration procedure, it is important that you meet with the physician prior to your procedure so that the surgical plan is clear and all of your questions have been answered.



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