Learn About Hair Transplant Problems Before Your Surgery

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What are some of the common hair transplant problems and how can I avoid them?

Learn About Hair Transplant Problems Before Your Surgery

Those who have booked a hair transplant, or are considering doing so, need to do their homework and educate themselves about any possible hair transplant problems that could arise either during or after their surgery. Knowing what the risks are beforehand can make you more aware of any potential hair transplant problems and can help you avoid some disastrous situations.

One of the first factors you should check out before undergoing hair transplant surgery is are you old enough? Any reputable facility will tell their patients to wait until they are at least in their thirties before undergoing this treatment. This is because by the thirties your hair loss pattern has established itself and you will be a much better candidate. Those who receive the procedure too young may run into hair transplant problems when their hair loss changes dramatically and the hair transplant they had years ago no longer serves their needs.

You should also be sure to check out the doctor who will be performing your hair transplant surgery. Make sure he's board certified. The American board of plastic surgery requires a five year residency. Before you let a doctor perform this type of surgery on you make sure his credentials are good and avoid disastrous hair transplant problems caused by unskilled doctors.



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