Knowing Hair Transplant Risks

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What’s a good way to avoid some of the risks associated with hair transplants?

Knowing Hair Transplant Risks

Like any surgery, there are always risks involved when having a hair transplant performed. Before you go under the scalpel you need to learn what the hair transplant risks are and spot signs of them to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Before you have your hair transplant surgery you need to check out your doctor for previous lawsuits or complaints filed against him. An independent local medical authority can investigate a doctor's record for you and inform you of any problems. When speaking with the doctor prior to surgery ask him who you can contact regarding this information. A reputable doctor will give you this information freely and straight away. If the doctor hesitates or does not give you the information do not have this doctor perform the surgery. Cut down your hair transplant risks by only choosing a doctor with a clean record who isn't trying to hide anything.

Another very important factor to check out is in regards to the anesthetic that will be used during your surgery. Generally hair transplant patients are only given a local anesthetic for their pain but those undergoing large transplants, such as chest hair transplants, may need a general anesthetic. Be sure that the facility you choose is equipped to deal with any medical emergencies that may occur while you are sedated. Reduce your hair transplant risks by only choosing a facility that has a crash cart or other medical equipment and procedures to deal with emergencies.



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