Common Hair Transplant Side Effects

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Are there any side effects that I can expect after my hair transplant?

Common Hair Transplant Side Effects

Just like many medical procedures there is always the risk of side effects. Learning these hair transplant side effects can help you know what to expect after your surgery. One of the most common side effects that many doctors do not talk about with their patients is shedding. The last thing someone who suffers from hair loss wants to see is more hair falling out after their expensive hair transplant but shedding does occur in a lot of cases. For the most part this is a normal hair transplant side effect and once the hair has shed normal growth will begin again in approximately three months.

Another common hair transplant side effect is vomiting. Though no one really knows why this happens there are theories. A reaction to the anesthetic could be the case or perhaps the patient is extremely nervous and has caused themselves nausea. Whichever the case this is usually not a serious sign of anything dangerous.

Swelling in the face can also occur after a hair transplant. There is nothing that can be done for the swelling as it will need to go down on its own. Due to this the patient will probably want to spend some time at home recovering before going back to work after their surgery. Some physicians say sleeping on a tilted to help minimize the swelling.



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