Hair Transplant Repair: Masking Outdated Plugs

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I had a hair transplant years ago in the old plug style. I hate the way it looks and was wondering if there was a way to fix the transplant and make it more natural looking.

Hair Transplant Repair: Masking Outdated Plugs

Hair transplants have come a long way since its inception. In the beginning hair transplants consisted of large, unnatural looking “plugs” of hair not unlike what a Barbie dolls hair looks like. By today's standards these types of hair transplants are outdated and cosmetically unappealing. Thankfully, hair transplant repairs can fix these types of hair plugs and turn them into natural looking hair.

If the plugs are not too close to the hair line they can be camouflaged by placing smaller, follicle grafts around the old plugs. The client must have a sufficient supply of donor hair, called micrografts, which will surround the large plugs and blend them into a more natural looking hairline. This is the easiest of the hair transplant repair procedures and the client will likely not incur any costs above what a facility would normally charge for today's hair transplants.

While this type of procedure is the best case scenario, if the plugs are front and center in the client's hairline or the client doesn't have sufficient donor hair to mask the old plugs a more labor intensive and likely more expensive procedure will need to be performed. If you have the old plug-like hair transplant speak to a hair transplant facility and ask what options are available to you for hair transplant repair.



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