Hair Transplant Repair: Recycling Plug Type Hair Transplants

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I have the old style plugs and I want to have them fixed. They’re really obvious and I was wondering if anything can be done to make them look more natural?

Hair Transplant Repair: Recycling Plug Type Hair Transplants

For those who received a hair transplant back in the days of obvious “plugs” there are hair transplant repair procedures that can change those unattractive tufts of hair into natural looking hair. While smaller grafts can hide the old fashioned plugs in some transplants, if your plugs are too close to the hairline you will need another procedure which removes and recycles the old plug transplants.

With this type of hair transplant repair, referred to as plug reduction and recycling, the old plugs are surgically removed and divided into smaller, more natural looking hair grafts. To remove the old plugs a small round punch, similar to the one used to insert the original plugs, is used to remove the old plugs. The round holes are then stitched closed.

The old plugs are dissected into grafts of one to four hair units and then transplanted around the plug holes that were stitched closed. If any additional donor hairs are needed the surgeon will remove them from the clients scalp, usually at the back of the head, and grafted into place. The result of this hair transplant repair is a much more natural looking hair transplant that mimics the growth pattern of natural hair.



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