Transplant Hair Replacement: What You Can Expect In Terms Of Pain

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I’m booked to have a hair transplant in three weeks. I’m aware of what will go on during the procedure but I’m a little worried about how much pain I’ll have afterwards. Do you know how much pain the average person has after a hair transplant?

Transplant Hair Replacement: What You Can Expect In Terms Of Pain

Those thinking of undergoing hair transplant replacement one of the questions on their mind might be on the topic of pain. As with any surgery, there is bound to be some discomfort after a surgical procedure. During the process hair transplant pain is eliminated by the use of a local anesthetic. In some cases where there will be many grafts transplanted in a large recipient area a light sedation may be used. Every attempt is made to make the client feel comfortable during the procedure.

As a general rule very little hair transplant pain is felt after the procedure but you will be given pain medication prior to you leaving the facility. It is recommended to use the pain medication if you feel your require it. If you have a low tolerance to pain you may want to discuss this with your doctor before hand so he can be sure you are comfortable both during your transplant hair replacement and for the days following.

To help reduce hair transplant pain due to swelling it is recommended that you sleep with two pillows under your head for the first two nights. Any bending, lifting or straining should be avoided for the first 48 hours after your surgery to help you remain comfortable and to aid in your speedy recovery from your transplant hair repair.



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