NY Hair Transplant - Possible Complications

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NY Hair Transplant - Possible Complications

Hair transplantation in NY or anywhere in the world is a surgical procedure and should be regard as such. As with any surgical procedure, an occasional complication may arise. This is one of the reasons why finding a reputable hair transplant facility is so important. While these complications are not life threatening, you should be aware of them before you begin any hair transplantation procedure.

Poor growth of the transplanted area is of concern to many patients. This possibility has been dramatically reduced with the implementation of modern techniques in hair transplant procedures – but these new techniques are not available in all hair restoration practices.

Damage to the follicles prior to transplantation is another common concern. The use of microscopic dissection has greatly decreased the chance of transecting the follicular units. Be sure to ask if the hair transplantation clinic you are considering uses stereo-microscopic dissection. A scar in the donor area is another concern of hair transplant patients. As a result of a hair restoration procedure, the linear scar should be easily hidden by the hair at the back of the scalp. But there are several steps which can be taken to further reduce scarring from a transplant procedure. Let the doctor know if you heal with raised scars or keloids as this may impact you hair transplant procedure. Ask your doctor what kinds of closures are used, staple or sutures – as there are pros and cons to each. And always follow the post operative instructions that you are given.
Slow growth, on the other hand, should not be a concern. It is ideal to have slow and continual growth of your newly transplanted hair. One benefit is that it makes detection of your hair transplant by other people difficult. You do not walk into a hair transplant facility bald, and walk out with full coverage. Normal growth will be over the course of months, with full growth achieved at approximately 10-12 months. You must be patient.



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