NY Hair Restoration Experience: Finding the Best Solution for Your Hair Loss

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NY Hair Restoration Experience: Finding the Best Solution for Your Hair Loss

New Yorkers have the reputation of being ‘a bit' strong willed and persuasive. While these are excellent qualities in business, they may not be the qualities that you want in looking for a hair transplant surgeon. When you begin to seek a solution to your hair loss, investigate all possible treatment options that are available to you. You should never feel pressured or coerced by any reputable NY hair restoration practice. Give serious thought if you leave a physicians office feeling uncomfortable with his aggressive manner, particularly if he recommends surgery without discussing other options.

For patients suffering from the early onset of hair loss, medical treatments such as Rogaine or the oral medication Propecia may be a solution. Slowing the process of your hair loss can hold off the need for a hair transplant procedure for years, if not indefinitely. By using Finasteride (Propecia) early, hair loss may be halted and future hair loss prevented. In some cases, the remaining hair can thicken and become less miniaturized which will give the person the appearance of additional fullness. If medical intervention is begun early enough, the need for a hair restoration procedure may be eliminated. Alternatives to hair transplantation, such as Rogaine or Propecia, may not be the answer for everyone, but before you undertake hair replacement surgery, all of your options should be investigated and rationally discussed.

For those seeking a reputable NY hair restoration facility, seek out on-line Blogs and forums. Discuss the options that were discussed at your consultation with others who may have chosen the same treatment options and converse with those who may have chosen others. Ask questions to patients who have use medical therapies or have had the hair restoration procedure. And if hair restoration surgery is the option you choose, be sure you are comfortable and confident with the experience and abilities of whichever hair transplant surgeon you choose.



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