Eyebrow Restoration – the good, the bad, and the missing

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Eyebrow Restoration – the good, the bad, and the missing

Thinning eyebrows can occur for a number of reasons. Depending on the cause, be it genetic, over plucking or tweezing, it is best to be evaluated by a reputable dermatologist or hair transplant surgeon when considering restorative procedures. In essence, eyebrow hair restoration procedures are similar to hair transplants of the scalp in that the hair, once transplanted, is permanent. There are, however, differences in the techniques used to perform them and in the results that one gets.

If considering an eyebrow transplant, it is very important to make sure that the physician plans to only use individual hairs, which are dissected from the follicular unit under stereo-microscopic dissection. The hairs must be positioned to lie as flat as possible to the surface of the skin. This differs from hair transplantation to the scalp, where the angle between the hair and the scalp surface can be as much as 45 degrees.

Other things to consider: Hair transplanted into the eyebrow is taken from the scalp, and will have a slightly different appearance and growth rate than existing eyebrow hair. Although you can have extremely satisfying and aesthetically pleasing results, you should be aware that the hair transplanted to eyebrows will continue to grow as it had on the scalp and therefore will need to be trimmed.



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