Consider Risks Before Getting a Hair Transplant

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What are the risks associated with medical hair restoration?

Consider Risks Before Getting a Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are a type of surgery, often done at a qualified clinic or center, with recipients of medical hair restoration generally going home the same day. Despite it being a relatively simple surgical procedure, there are risks to discuss with your doctor before making the final decision. Fortunately, the risks associated with hair transplants are temporary and normally not severe enough to scare away men and women who want a permanent solution to hair loss or baldness. Common risks to medical hair restoration include bleeding, infection and scarring.

Your medical hair restoration surgeon may advise you to take antibiotics before the transplant to prevent infection, with the scars that form as result of a hair transplant regularly covered up by growing hair. Some people who receive hair transplants feel numbness around the “donor site,” the location on the patient's head from where the hair is transplanted. Hair restoration surgeons choose a donor site that shows no signs of baldness or thinning.

You will wear a heavy bandage after a hair transplant for at least a few days, and you might have to avoid strenuous activity, including sex, for up to ten days. Additionally, some grafts may not “take” and will require more surgery to correct the unavoidable problem. One of the best ways to consider all the hair transplant pros and cons is to contact a reputable hair restoration company such as MHR (Medical Hair Restoration).



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