Biotin Deficiency and Hair Loss

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What is biotin?

Biotin Deficiency and Hair Loss

If you are experiencing thinning hair, have weak fingernails and are losing your eyebrows and eyelashes, you may lack a vitamin called Biotin; a condition that in addition to elevated levels of DHT, many experts believe may cause thinning hair or hair loss.

Biotin occurs naturally in the body and aids hair, skin and nail growth. It also plays a role in how healthy the hair looks and feels. The body builds much of its biotin from food, but even the healthiest eaters can be deficient. Both liver and eggs contain a large quantity of biotin, with smaller amounts found in cheese, milk, chicken and peanuts. Biotin is a type of B vitamin so it can be taken as a supplement easily found in health-food stores. There are also shampoos containing an abundance of the vitamin.

There are no known side effects from biotin supplements, though the FDA cannot confirm any claims made by the manufacturers. In addition, there are many causes of thinning hair, including undetected illnesses, so talk about the condition with your doctor or dermatologist. You may consider having them test the levels of biotin in your body.



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